The growth of our people is absolutely vital to our business. The better they are, the better we are – it’s that simple. So we repay their outstanding contribution with a world of opportunities to develop their skills, experience and career.

The scale and ambition of our work is a learning opportunity in itself, whatever level you’re at. But there are plenty of other ways to grow here, which break down into two main areas.

Professional development

Control your career

You’ll be encouraged to take personal control of your own career here. Choose where you want to go, or what you want to learn, and we’ll be right behind you.


This is our approach to development. 70% on the job, 20% learning from those around you, and 10% formal training courses and learning events.

Ongoing development

You’ll never stop growing, here. Your learning and development needs will be a key part of your performance review, and we make sure you’ll have the right development programmes to choose from.

Getting qualified

We’ll support you to gain membership of a relevant professional institution. We also have training schemes with bodies like the CICES CIOB, ICE, IET, IMechE and RICS – and are always adding to the list.

Brilliant basics

There are some skills that are the foundation for success in every job here. We call them Brilliant Basics, and the modules are open to everyone.

Learning to lead

If you reach a point where you’re ready to go from a manager to a leader, we’re here for you. We have programmes in everything from emotional intelligence to inclusive leadership.

Taking the step up

We’re serious about internal progression, and always look to appoint from within. Many of our leaders today joined us straight from school, so the pathways are clear. And we make sure people can take them.

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We encourage our people to control their own careers. And it really works.

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Technical development

Expertise matters here. So, whatever part of the business you’re in, we’ll help you sharpen your technical skills and stay at the leading edge of your speciality. Our approach is based around the core competencies of the following job families.

Across all areas, we focus on giving you industry leading training and tailored development plans – everything you need to deliver to, and beyond, industry standards.