Being able to put the right people in the right places to get the job done and get home safely is a vital skill in both the armed forces and the construction industry. After all, big projects rely on strong project management, so if you’ve got the ability to hit targets, define the scope of projects, and organise resources you could make a real impact in this industry.

Working in project management gives you the chance to build on your experience and enhance your management skills, as well as explore new opportunities in a variety of sectors. Instead of earning medals, you’ll earn professional qualifications and play a vital role delivering important projects every day.

Transferable skills

The skills you learnt during your time in the military can give you the edge in civilian project management. Not everyone can plan and analyse situations, build relationships, carry out risk assessments and create and adapt plans to suit ever-changing scenarios. So, don’t let them go to waste – put them to use building a new career for yourself.

Matt's story

After leaving the Forces, Matt still wanted to make a positive impact on society and in particular, his local community. He decided that a role in infrastructure would give him a reason to wake up in the morning and continue to do work that puts a spring in his step.

He was already well aware of our reputation, and as soon as he spoke to us he leapt at the opportunity to join us as a Project Manager. Since then he’s never looked back — quickly finding his feet and realising that Balfour Beatty and the Armed Forces are more similar than you might think. We’re both large organisations who give everybody the chance to make an impact. From administration and learning and development to site-based operational roles, everyone plays an integral part in a structured team that’s driven to perform. The two organisations are very similar in that respect.

His proudest moment since joining was when he was taking on a particularly challenging project and delivering some impressive results. Matt’s work quickly received lots of positive reviews and before long everyone was delighted with his contribution. Matt is enjoying his new career with us and believes nobody should be put off applying. You don’t have to be an engineer to be successful here.