"The opportunity to develop skillsets is unparalleled"

Jon Ozanne – Director of IT

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Technology at Balfour Beatty is much more than just a tool – it’s a driving force. We’re harnessing some of the biggest ideas out there, and using them to take our business and our industry to the next level.

With real momentum and some serious investment behind us, we’re on an incredibly exciting journey. Here’s what four of our key technology leaders feel about it all.


James Veitch – Director of IT Strategy

The construction industry is ripe for digitalisation, and the gains to be made in terms of productivity, safety and quality are immense. We’re working with some fascinatingly innovative partners to take them.

As a team, we’re driving serious and lasting transformation across the whole of Balfour Beatty. I honestly believe you won’t find a better business, or industry, to try new things and develop your skillset. You’ll be working with bright, ambitious people, and you’ll get to see your thinking turn into huge projects.


Peter Lavery - Head of Service Delivery

Technology at Balfour Beatty is changing everything. We’re running with new ideas, all across the business. The results are transforming how we work, how we think, and how our entire industry does things.

It’s changing how our people work, too. We’re freeing up everyone here to aim higher, solve better, and try new ideas. After all, we know that the same old approaches aren’t going keep us at the forefront of our industry. We’re welcoming disruptive but collaborative people who want to challenge and shake things up a bit. It’s a change for us, but a really exciting one.


Michelle Price - IT Service Continuity Lead

In all my time here, I’ve never seen IT being embraced like it is right now. From AI and VR to drones and robotics, we’re exploring innovation in all its forms. We’re freeing our team to do the same.

The best way to describe it is that you’re never limited here. There are no barriers. If you can evidence it, you can do it, and your ideas will be supported. It’s really exciting – particularly for curious people who want to explore new ways of working and doing things.


Jon Ozanne – Director of IT

Our aim is to become the smartest construction firm in the UK, and we’re going to get there by challenging ourselves and every member of our team.

Every new project here is a big opportunity for us. We’re getting in right at the start – collaborating outside of our team to get a proper understanding of the challenge, and where technology can help. We have to be quicker and more agile, but this means that we’re learning all the time. If you’re open to new approaches, and to exploring new technology, you’ll really grow.

So, that’s the view from our leaders. Join them (and us) and think bigger. Explore more. Change the way we think, and shape the way we work. And make the most impressive impact of your career.

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