Gas Distribution Strategic Partnership


Two regional partnerships to renew and improve gas networks

We have been contracted by Cadent (formerly National Grid) to replace aging metal pipes, service connections and build new mains in the North West of England and West Midlands until 2021.

Our commitment to efficiency, innovation and customer service is fundamental to our successful delivery of this £1.2 billion contract. Project deployment was large in scale, involving over 400 new commercial vehicles, 1,500 pieces of plant and 14,000 metres of site barriers.

Safe and efficient delivery

Use of an innovative new pipe cutting tool removes our employees from the risks involved in the excavation process. Furthermore, we have developed a new way to create a new pipe within an existing pipe by mixing a base material and activator to form a resin lining within the old pipe. PRISM, (Pipe Replacement In-Situ Manufacturing) could reduce the number of excavations we dig by up to 75%, making the work safer and more efficient from spring 2017 onwards.

“The combined GDSP contracts will allow Cadent to continue to deliver gas safely and reliably to our customers during the eight year operating framework period.

I am excited to be working with Balfour Beatty. I know based on previous experience that, using the GDSP’s ‘Lean, Expert, Trusted and Safe’ operating model, they will provide exceptional customer service and deliver the framework objectives safely, innovatively and efficiently.”

Stephen Murray – Head of the GDSP contract for the west of England, Cadent

total area covered by GDSP